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Worm gearbox da Tandler

High transmission in one stage

Worm gearboxes are used when two shafts are arranged at 90° angles and a high transmission ratio is required in a single stage. These gearboxes generally consist of a worm shaft that can be single- or multiple-threaded, and a worm wheel that is driven by the worm shaft.

Worm gearboxes run quietly due to the low output speed alone. They are self-locking at high transmission ratios. Worm gearboxes cannot be driven in reverse as a rule. They require very little space.

The materials chosen for the gears is of immense importance, among others in order to minimise wear. Possible applications include e.g. the alignment of solar panels or in the main drives of material feed systems.

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Worm gearboxes by TANDLER

We offer custom worm gearboxes developed according to customer specifications. These gearboxes are used when high transmission ratios are required alongside a compact design and/or large hollow shaft diameters.

We would be glad to advise you: In many cases, multi-stage bevel gearboxes are recommended due to the energy footprint. Benefit from our experience in the manufacture of high-quality gears and gearboxes. Feel free to contact us with a description of your own specific drive scenario. We would be delighted to assist any way we can.




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