Caixa de engrenagem de dente reto

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Caixa de engrenagem especial customizada da Tandler

Spur gearbox special design

Precise spur gearboxes for your application

Spur gearboxes utilise gears with parallel input and output shafts. They can be single- or multiple-stage gears. Multiple output shafts are possible, and even a co-axial output can be implemented. The transmission of torque takes place via straight-cut (spur) or helical (dry fixed) gears. In most cases, the housings are made of aluminium in order to reduce the overall weight.

TANDLER spur gearboxes are extremely precise and characterised by their high efficiency and durability.

Caixa de engrenagem de dente reto


Spur gearboxes by TANDLER: A high gear quality is crucial

The quality of the gears plays a central role in all gearboxes. It determines how quietly they run, as well as the transmission accuracy, the play between gear teeth, and the efficiency. We have been making gears since 1949 and are continuously investing in new technologies.

Today, in addition to our experience, we offer you manufacturing that is performed on the latest machinery, whereby high-end grinding machines are at the heart of our gear manufacturing processes. This allows the almost complete elimination of hardening distortions — which occur during every heat treatment due to the nature of the procedure. The best materials and suitable heat treatments in our in-house hardening shops form the basis for a perfect end product which satisfies even the highest requirements.

Trust in our extensive experience. Our designers and manufacturing specialists are at your disposal. We will accompany you every step of the way, from the definition of the task to the completed drive solution.

Caixa de engrenagem especial customizada da Tandler 1
Caixa de engrenagem especial customizada da Tandler
Caixa de engrenagem especial customizada da Tandler




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