PB800: Módulo de Interface Profibus DPV1

The PB800 interface module provides instant Profibus DP connectivity of the MC800 universal motion controller. It is a standard Profibus-DPV1 Slave according to IEC 61158.
The Profibus interface is a galvanically isolated standard RS485 Profibus interface and supports all standard baud rates (9600 bit/s … 12 Mbit/s) with automatic baud rate detection.
The interface module allows cyclic data exchange of 4 MC800 input registers and 4 MC800 output registers. It also allows acyclic access to all MC800 registers by additional DPV1 functions.

The module can easily be fitted to the MC800 by plug-in mounting to a prepared slot.

  • Internal power supply 3,3 V;

  • Ambient temperature 0° C … +60° C / 32° F … 140° F (operating), -40° C … +70° C / -40 … 158° F (storage);

  • 9600 Bit/s … 12 MBit/s Baud rates;

  • SUB-D-9-pin female, galvanically isolated.

Documentação / certificados

Manual MC800