Interface CAN-Bus para o controlador de movimento MC700 / MC720

The interface allows to set and to read all parameters, registers and commands of the motion controller by CAN-Bus. Additionally, errors of the controller are signaled via CAN-Bus.

For data transmission the communication profile CANopen is used. The unit operates like a so called CANopen ”minimum capability device“ corresponding to CiA CANopen specification DS301 (CAN in Automation international users and manufacturers group).

  • Processador: Siemens C515C operando à 10 MHz;

  • Fonte de alimentação: Using internal power of the motion controller;

  • Comunicação: DIN ISO 11898 | CANopen (CiA DS301);

  • Taxa de transmissão: 10, 20, 50, 125, 250, 500, 1000 kBit/s (ajustável).

Documentação / certificados

Data sheet MC700 Manual MC700  Manual CI700