Plataforma® BinCloud para gerenciamento de inventário

Plataforma® BinCloud para gerenciamento de inventário da BinMaster

The BinCloud® platform is an integrated cloud foundation for data monitoring of inventory contained in bins, tanks, and silos. It enables on-site and remote workers to work via the cloud. BinCloud® is the backbone of the BinView® web application used to monitor solids, powders, and liquids across all process industries. The platform is also the basis for FeedView® used by swine and poultry growers to manage feed and place orders with feed mills. Features of BinCloud® include real-time monitoring, automated alerts via text or email, and historical reporting. Software can be used to manage a single site or across multiple locations and accommodate hundreds of vessels.

System Components

  • Wireless or wired data communications network;
  • BinCloud®Gateway to provide connectivity to an IP network;
  • BinView® or FeedView® web application accessed from the Internet;
  • Sensors for continuous level measurement;
  • Sensor Compatibility.

SmartBob II

  • 3DLevelScanner (3D Solids Scanner);
  • NCR-80 Non-Contact Radar;CNCR Com
  • pact Non-Contact Radar;
  • GWR-2000 Guided Wave Radar;
  • SPL-100, FVL-100, or LL-100 Laser;
  • SmartSonic Ultrasonic;
  • Sensors with 4-20 mA output or Modbus RTU;
  • Sensor Compatibility with Liquids.

Plataforma® BinCloud para gerenciamento de inventário


Here are real-life examples of how BinCloud® can help most any industry storing materials in bins, tanks, or silos.

Feed: By projecting consumption growers can better manage rations, eliminate feed outages, late delivery charges, and ensure there is less feed leftover at closeout to reduce vacuuming and disposal charges.

Plastics: Real-time monitoring of resins going into the production process, improved supply chain management using vendor managed inventory with resin suppliers, optimizing scheduling of deliveries.

Cement: Centralized monitoring of multiple batch plant locations, improved logistics and scheduling of drivers’ routes, ensuring entire truckload with fit into silos, improved coordination with fly ash suppliers.

Food Processing: Managing inventory of raw ingredient, WIP, and finished product silos, leveraging buying power by ordering for multiple plants on a single contract, batch processing of foodstuffs.

Fertilizer: Tracking inventory of solid, powder, and liquids chemicals, using historical reporting to track inventory turns and carrying costs, preparing for seasonal production and distribution.

Chemicals: Tracking inventory of regulated chemicals, ensuring chemicals are used before shelf-life expires to reduce disposal costs, creating an automated audit trail of chemical usage.

Wood Pulp Paper: Pellet production facilities, hog fuel storage bins, emptying sawdust bins to prevent production stoppages, ensure pulp, water, and bleach level levels are adequate for paper production, managing mill-to-mill transfers.

Agriculture: Optimizing capacity of storage bins, preparing audits and USDA reporting, eliminating spreadsheets at grain elevators, valuing grains, oilseeds, and other commodities for export, railcar logistics.

Propane: Historical reporting to project impact of weather on consumption, supplying planning for storage facilities, tracking stored propane at multiple depot locations, routing of commercial and residential deliveries.

A BinCloud® solution combines cloud-based Software-as-a Service and advanced level sensor technology to make inventory and supply chain management easier.

Accessibility: Information is portable and available anywhere there is internet access from a phone, tablet, or PC.

Accurate Information: Total transparency, fewer discrepancies, and more information leads to better decisions. Know what to buy and when to order it.

Better Control: Automation brings centralized digital control, minimal human intervention, faster and timelier outputs.

Cost Containment: Direct and indirect. Less overtime, automation of daily tasks, fewer inefficiencies, no emergency or late delivery charges.

Historical Reporting: Manage and segregate high-turn, long lead time, and materials with strict reporting requirements.

Improved Monitoring: Real-time reports of on-hand supply, forecast when you will run out, data is continuously updated effortlessly.

Job Satisfaction: Less mundane work, more time for planning and problem solving.

Optimize Production Processes: Streamline vital communication between people and devices and get everyone on the same page.

Process Improvements: Reduce material outages, production stoppages due to shortages, fewer batch processing errors leads to better quality.

Security: Data – both past and present – is stored securely and safely.

Simplicity: No servers, no IT department, programming updates done by host provider, no need-to-know programming to use software

Time Savings: Less time on the phone, managing spreadsheets, fewer trips to the control room, less time doing routine or redundant tasks.

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